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- Thomas - 11-18-2000 11:16 AM

receiving peltings of verbal abuse, I report that my lights are out.

I refer to the lightbulbs that used to appear to inform me of new postings but as of this morning have been AWOL. Reason? Suggestions?

In fact, the suitcases aren't changing colors either.

It ain't over. After I posted my first edit, and returned to the board, each forum was lit up, whether or not it contained a new posting.

What gives?

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[This message has been edited by foodie (edited 11-18-2000).]

- Jackie - 11-19-2000 07:14 PM


Heck! It's hard to diagnose this, since I can't seem to recreate the problem.

I am looking into a new upgrade of the Board software.... The latest version is said to have eliminated a number of "bugs". This may be one of them. I don't know yet when I'll do the upgrade... some night when I can stay up til 3 am or so.

Pls. hang in there. I'll try to do it soon.


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- winoweenie - 11-19-2000 07:38 PM

I for one thank you in advance for your diligence, expertise, intelligence and all around competency. winoweenie. ( Does this get my ID # back? )

- Bucko - 11-19-2000 09:03 PM

Foodie, I know it is frustrating. My home computer is set EXACTLY like my laptop AFA internet security on both IE and Netscape, both latest editions. The home computer works fine, the laptop will not turn on the pink folders, yet the lightbulbs work fine. It has to be a software conflict, because I have different software on the two computers. I just look stupid (not too hard) and drive on.......


- Jackie - 11-19-2000 09:42 PM


Words like that will get you just about anything you want. What is this ID # you're missing?


- winoweenie - 11-20-2000 07:25 AM

Jes` Joshin` Jackie. Like when I say I left for school and my folks moved and left no forwarding address. WW

- Thomas - 11-24-2000 06:28 PM

Thanks Jackie. It is frustrating, but something I can live with until you get to itl hell, I waited for the NY State Liquor Authority, and they are glacial.

Bucko, I haven't changed computers at all--so this is some kind of software intermittent problem, and they is the woise to locate.