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- Jackie - 10-10-2004 07:38 PM

Well what a mess this has been. Yesterday (Saturday) I started getting email messages from some of our regulars that the board was once again acting strange... Postings disappearing, passwords not working, etc. etc.

It has taken a good day and half to resolve things. I am crossing my fingers that this time they've got it right. The problems have all been caused by a faulty hard drive.

Actually, I've asked that our site be moved to another server so we take no more chances. When we are moved, the board will have to be shut down briefly. I don't know yet when that will be.

Thank you for your patience, everyone. I am very sorry for all the difficulty.

I will do what I can to help individuals recover their posting or username/profiles.

Let me know if you need my help. Send email to


- hotwine - 10-10-2004 07:42 PM

Thanks, Jackie. It seems to be working fine at this end now.

- Bucko - 10-10-2004 07:45 PM

Thank gawd. I was going into "Insult WW" withdrawal.

- winoweenie - 10-11-2004 06:31 AM

Thank goodness! Fer a whilst there I felt like nobody cared enuff' to insult me. WW