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- Bucko - 11-06-2000 12:50 PM

Got a new laptop, added to my favorite list, signed on, set my preferences, and everything works right -- light bulbs come on and off, name and password pop up, etc. -- however, the new message folders do not turn pink/red, staying yellow all of the time. I'm using Netscape Communicator 4.75. Anyone else experienced this? Any cure besides by .10 gauge shotgun?


- Innkeeper - 11-06-2000 01:09 PM

Have the same browser, and the folder on this thread was pink/red.

- Drew - 11-06-2000 08:38 PM

10 gauge is a little much....20 or even 410 gauge will do a lap top with little or no unwanted damage! [img][/img]


- Bucko - 11-06-2000 10:33 PM

I subscribe to the Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor school of destruction.......


- Bucko - 11-06-2000 11:38 PM

OK, you computer gurus, give me some answers.... I switched over to IE, and it won't take my preferences from this site, whereas Netscape will. IE turns pink on the new folders, Netscape won't. This is too wierd -- has to be a setup problem somewhere but danged if I can figure it out.


- Drew - 11-07-2000 03:25 AM

Bucko, it you click on a topic and scroll to the bottom, are your "key" folders in the proper colors? If so, you should be ok. Try posting on a thread with more than 10 replys, sign off and then back on to the board and see if it registers the red folder.
I've tried in both Netscape and IE and all's ok.


- Bucko - 11-07-2000 09:51 AM

no go

- winecollector - 11-07-2000 07:00 PM

Looks like I just got the Bucko Bug too. Went off the site and then came back on and someone left all the lights on! Told me I hadn't visited since since 7-08?

Did you spill wine on your keyboard too?

- Jackie - 11-08-2000 02:17 PM

Hi Bucko,

Sorry to be so late in jumping in here but I've been having problems myself -- with my AT&T Cable connection. Anyway, I think the following might help. Pls give it a try and let me know.

On your Netscape Navigator browser... First, go to Edit/Preferences/Advanced and check to make sure that Cookies are enabled to either "Accept all cookies" or "Accept only Cookies that get sent back to the originating server".

Then stay in "Advanced" but click on the + sign until you see the settings for "Cache". Make sure that the box is checked for "Document in cache is compared to document in network -- EVERY TIME".

There are similar setting in IE but try this first in NNavigator and let me know if this resolves the problems.


- Bucko - 11-09-2000 01:09 PM

Tried that Jackie - no help. This only happens on my laptop, the desk computer is fine. Folders still come up all yellow.