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- Jaquie - 07-07-1999 04:18 PM

I am new to the wonderful world of wines. My interest was sparked by the reports that wines are very healthful for your digestive system. I would like any advice or recommendations on a nice dinner wine. One that could be served with fish, beef, pork, etc.

All comments would be veery much appreciated, thank you.

- Jerry D Mead - 07-07-1999 11:55 PM

Jaquie...You don't say whether you would prefer red or white.

I'll suggest a few inexpensive wines of each color that you might like to try.

For white...try Haywood Chardonnay or Canyon Road Sauvignon Blanc.

For reds try Napa Ridge Pinot Noir or Forest Glen Merlot.

For a pink wine...Delicato White Zinfandel won a gold medal.