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- Innkeeper - 11-21-1999 06:12 PM

Why is nothing posted here? Are we afraid of the the wine police? If so I understand. If not, would like to make some postings.

- Jerry D Mead - 11-22-1999 01:34 PM

Get it on!

- Innkeeper - 11-23-1999 08:09 AM

Recommend Pops Wine Store in Island Park, NY ( They will "ship anywhere." They have a good world wide selection nicely indexed. S&H in teens vice 20s or 30s elsewhere. Prices would be described as discount, at least compared to prices around here. Additionally they give a $9.00 rebate for returned shipping containers which nets you $6 or $7. This resolves an issue exchanged with WC in the Wine Trader a couple of years ago (Styrofoam in the Basement). Right now on their "Featured Wines" page they have 187 ml bottles of Chandon Blance de Noirs, Carneros for $42.30 per case of 24. This adds up to $7.05 equirvilent for a 750 ml bottle. WC warned that splits don't age well, and is correct. Bought them anyway, and they are fine, and will definitely last through the millenium. This could resolve some peoples' problems with millenium bubbly. Pops has many other choices in this area as well.