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- Botafogo - 03-08-2001 01:07 PM

Well, they say it's not really bragging if you can actually do it:

Now, I'll NEVER get our new catalogue done, Roberto

- Bucko - 03-08-2001 01:47 PM

Well obviously that publication cannot be trusted!! [img][/img]



- winoweenie - 03-09-2001 07:51 AM

Almost didn't open this as I knew that the Boto-Robo hasn't a modest bone in his whole everlastin' so this sucker-punch was some kinda' praise I'd have to read, acknowledge, and pontificate on.

Congrats war-dog...I'll see you in about 2-3. WW

- RAD - 03-09-2001 06:43 PM

I knew there had to be fans somewhere. [img][/img]

Congrats, Roberto!


- Innkeeper - 03-10-2001 07:55 AM

It's a very ordinary looking place on the outside; except for all the empty pallets stacked on the front porch. Will definitely return on our next trip to the left coast.

- Thomas - 03-10-2001 08:48 AM

Congrats Roberto.

My only complaint is that these writers use words like "booze" and "hangover" in their breezy, friendly, Internet-inspired writing style. They did it to is-wine on a site called Daily Candy in NYCity. But then, any press is good press.

Incidentally, take a look at April's Wine and Spirits Magazine. There you will find yours truly smiling (in a bad photograph) underneath a blurb about is-wine.Page 26.

- Botafogo - 03-10-2001 12:13 PM

The site I sent you guys to is the on-line presence of the largest circulation Weekly Newspaper here in LA. They lifted those words out of OUR CATALOGUE:

We have a long editorial about how to avoid hangovers and histamine reactions and then at the end of the book we have a headline that says "Yes the store is called WINE EXPO but we have a huge selection of Booze, Hootch, Spirits, Water of Life, Likker, you know, the Hard Stuff:" with a listing of Tequilas, Rhums, Malts and other distilates.

I was impressed that they actually paid attention to our rants re industrial wines....


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- Thomas - 03-11-2001 09:44 AM

Goes to show you that you have to be careful what you say 'cause a journalist (relax ww; I was one too) will invariably use it against you.

The context in which "booze" and "hangover" was used in the article made no reference to your context of the words in your newsletter. They made it sound like wine is booze and its imbibers get hangovers, which of course isn't exactly the case--always. ...

- Botafogo - 03-11-2001 12:56 PM

Foodie, we find that MANY people get what they call "mungheadedness" or "I was wiped out the next morning" (both of which are just newspeak for "hangover") from WINE and we are glad to help with an editorial explaining de-hydration, histamine reactions and the like. I also have no problem with the fact that most folks are not remotely serious about wine and thus lump all alcohol together, that's just life. It could be much worse: Once when I was working in the 25,000 bottle (open on one end to public view) cellar at Antoine's in New Orleans, a teatotaler from Tennessee looked in, gasped and exclaimed "Lordy Jay-sus! Just look at all that SIN in there!"

They spelled our names right, got the phone numbers right and told the masses to trust us, works for me.....


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- Thomas - 03-11-2001 05:46 PM

As I said: any press is good press! But I still hate the word booze, and I have never had a hangover in my entire life--well, maybe a few times but it was always because someone else filled my glass when I wasn't looking. ...