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- Innkeeper - 02-07-2000 09:33 PM

Was in Southeastern New England this past weekend and visited the following three times: Tanza Southway Liquors, 340 R.I. Avenue, Fall River, MA 02721. Tel: 508-673-6700. Great store. They have a wonderful selection of wines at very reasonable prices, e.g. R J Phillips, Barrell Cuvee, Chardonnay, Dunngan Hills, 1998, for $9.94. They also give a 15% discount on a full case, mixed or not. Mine was mixed and that brought the Phillips Chardonnay down to $8.44. Selection not only included the usual suspects, but also South Africa, Argentina, and, of course, Portugal. It was Fall River!
They also had six bottles of the Storyland Zinfandel that some Baystaters had been looking for, for $20.99 before discount. Posted that under Zinfandel.