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- ebill - 11-22-2000 06:32 PM

Does anyone know if the Subject Winery is still in business??? (Gold Seal)
Thanx, Ebill

- winecollector - 11-23-2000 10:40 AM

As far as I know it still is. They still sell wine under that name down here in Pennsylvania.

- glenora - 11-26-2000 08:16 AM

A short version of a long story=====

The Gold Seal winery no longer exists as a production facility--it is being used as a warehouse, and the once beautiful lakeshore property has been turned into summer homes for the idle rich. The Gold Seal Winery was purchased in the mid 80's by Seagrams who also purchased the Taylor Company. Seagrams sold both wineries to a group of investors who, all most promptly, ran both operations into the ground. Canandaigua purchased the inventory and label rights to both operations which is why you can find "the wines" in some markets. All of the larger wineries that used to call Hammondsport home are now either closed/abandoned, being used for other purposes, or have other wine operations using them.

- Thomas - 11-27-2000 09:59 AM

Glenora chose a nice way of saying that Gold Seal no longer exists--in this case, "what is in a 'brand' name" is simply smoke and mirrors.