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- tandkvd - 12-18-2004 02:38 PM

I have just booked a room at The Millhouse Hotel in Charleston for our 20th aniversary March 23. We will be there from March 19 - 25, then we may go down to Savana a couple days.

Just wanting some tips from anyone who has been there. We will definatly be going to Brett's that IK and WOW spoke highly of.

- Innkeeper - 12-18-2004 02:44 PM

Hate to tell you, but heard that Brett's has changed hands, and no reports on the new owners.

- wondersofwine - 12-20-2004 09:26 AM

Oh, no!

- wondersofwine - 12-20-2004 09:34 AM

You should enjoy the Mill House. I believe that is where I stayed with my sister and some friends of hers from Iowa on my first visit to Charleston. Watch out for the drawbridges. I stopped for one because the lights were flashing that the bridge was going up. Two cars behind me didn't stop and plowed into me. (And I didn't stop on a dime either. It took a minute to register what the flashing lights were about and I slowed to a gradual stop.) Their excuse was that Charleston drivers try to beat the bridge going up. I wondered how many people they lose every year at railroad crossings.

- tandkvd - 12-31-2004 10:32 AM

Thanks for the heads up about the draw bridges. Sorry to hear of your ordeal.

I have contacted the Conceiar (spelling ?) at the Mill House. He is sending me some menus from restaurants in the area. I will be looking for a nice place to dine on March 23, our 20th aniversary.

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