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- chefdrew - 05-22-2001 10:07 AM

I have a box of rare wines they consist of...
1979 Opus One
1976 Stags Leap Cab
1976 Sterling Reserve Cab
1979 Sterling Reserve Cab
1978 Mondavi Napa Cab
1980 Kenwood Sonoma Cab
1982 Kenwood Sonoma Cab
1981 Kenwood Sonoma Cab
1987 Duckhorn Napa Cab
1976 Dom Perigon
1978 Dom Perigon

Any help you could give me would be appreciated of the value of these wines!

- Drew - 05-22-2001 01:57 PM

Welcome, chefdrew, go to They have a search function that will answer your question.


- winoweenie - 05-22-2001 06:15 PM

ChefDrew, welcome to the board. You own some wines that have given me many hours of pleasure over the years but most are on the cusp. If the wines have had good storage they should all be very enjoyable...If not, sorry. If your name is indicative of your profession, I'd suggest to start fixin' some good vittles and opening them suckers from the oldest to the youngest and preparing some goodies to complemint them. Good Luck! WW