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- Kcwhippet - 04-27-2004 03:27 AM

The Inniskillin thread kinda prodded me. Judy and I were thinking of going up there for a long weekend sometime in the next few months. Anyone been up there? I know about the Ice Wines - what else is really good there? Places to stay, eat?

- Thomas - 04-27-2004 05:31 AM

KC, go to Niagara on the Lake. Whenever we go there we stay in a B & B--there are many fine ones. But there are some nice hotels too.

There are also many good wineries, most smaller than Inniskilin. They do well in the region with Riesling and Cabernet Franc, among other wines.

You can look up Niagara on the Lake on the Web and get a full picture. One of the greatest places to have afternoon tea or to dine is the Prince Albert Hotel.

Well worth the trip, and if you are so inclined, take bikes--easy riding.

- Kcwhippet - 04-27-2004 08:45 AM


We are definitely not so inclined. Bikes are for kids and fitness nuts, IMHO. We're neither, so we drive. However, the rest of the info is good. From the little research I've done so far, I had already aimed toward Niagara-on-the-Lake because it appears to be easy to get to and there seems to be decent acommodations and food. There are also a fair amount of wineries nearby. Since you've been there, we'll talk in two weeks.