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- n144mann - 12-31-1999 08:16 PM

Okay guys....I am in the planning mode for a vacation in California. I am looking to come out there in the end of February or the first three weeks of March. I will be taking my boss, for at least part of the trip (I hope) and we would like to attend a wine function out there, in addition to going to the wineries on our own. Are there any good festivals or competitions where we could meet some of the winemakers and taste wines from a lot of different wineries in a short amount of time during that period?? ( my boss will be joining me for a limited amount of time). We have not limited ourselves to location...but I know we will be spending some time in the San Fran area.

I am not sure how much of a factor cost will be. I am hoping that for the days my boss joins me, the store will be picking up the bill. But lets assume, even if it is, that we need to watch the $$$ you guys have any suggestions??


- Innkeeper - 01-01-2000 05:26 PM

Nancy, There are around a half dozen events in that timeframe in the Wine & Spirits, Winter Edition, Annual Buying Guide 2000. Contacts and phone numbers are included. If you don't have it or can't find it, I'll send you the info. Innkeeper

- Bucko - 01-02-2000 08:04 PM

If you can be more specific on where you will be and when, I can arrange some personal tours with wine friends of mine.


- n144mann - 01-03-2000 01:13 PM

Hi Bucko, I really can not be more specific at this point. My boss is going to be the big factor here, he is always short on time. (I guess that happens when you are the GM of 6 stores) But last week he said we would sit down this week and do some planning....I am going to hold him to that even if I have to take hold of him and nail him to the floor. [img][/img] (Getting him to agree to go is not the is getting him to stay in one place long enough to make the plans) Anyway, I will let you know when we are to that point. Right now, we were just looking to see if there was anything special going on that you guys knew was worthwhile, that we should be planning the trip around or planning to include.

The area is up for grabs too....I know we will be in the San Fran area, because my boss wants to stop and see his god-daughter while we are out there. Other than that....??? we are pretty open.

That is a wonderful offer Bucko, and when I can be more specific I will get back to you.

Thank you!

- n144mann - 01-03-2000 04:13 PM

I was looking through a listing of upcoming events and saw the listing for the Napa Valley Mustard Festival. Have any of you attended any of the functions associated with this?? The Marketplace is the one I was thinking of on the 11-12 of March. Can any of you give me first hand info about this??

Thanks for any help.

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- EPICURUS - 01-11-2000 10:57 AM


I've been several times to this particular Mustard Festival event. I find it appealing because it is so non chi-chi (if the Napa Wine Auction is at one end of the spectrum, this is close to the other end). It's an event for the people, mostly because of the pricing format. Instead of a $40,$50 or $75 admission price which allows virtually unlimited tastes, the admission price is kept low with samples going for 1 to 4 dollar tickets.

Yet there are some wonderful munchies and wines. Some 25 wineries pour, from, if memory serves, Pahlmeyer, Jarvis, and Diamond just kidding; more like Raymond Franciscan, Clos du Val, Rombauer, St. Clement, ZD, and Truchard to Whitford, Praeger Port Works, and Livingston. But don't hold me to this. As we get closer to the event I will be contacting the organizers to get a final list and can make sure you get the poop.

The finger food comes from a mix of Valley restaurants most calling for mustard as an appropriate condiment. Last year, we tasted some remarkable mustards, sweet and sour, some combining fruits like raspberries in their recipes.

Decent cooking demonstrations and musical (jazz and rock) performances. Since it takes place in what was the Napa County Fairgrounds (which now takes place in Calistoga) the event seems like a more stylish and smaller version of a wine country fair.

I do a ~What's On~ guide to SF and the region and I would be happy to add you to our email list.

Tom Merle
Epicurean Programs International