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- mr.harm - 03-27-2000 01:46 PM

I was told that after a wine is finished you can add sugar to it to sweeten to taste. Won't that be like adding sugar to ice tea after it's brewed, it just settles to the bottom. I would like to know as I have some wine that is too dry. Thanks,

- Thomas - 03-27-2000 03:25 PM

It is always good practice to add sugar at the early stages of winemaking and to control your fermentation so that you know when to stop it.

Yet, you can add sugar after the wine is finished. But do not try to dump the sugar in and then stir. Calculate the total amount of sugar you need, then draw off a small amount of wine and mix the sugar into that, to create a slurry. Add the slurry to the rest of the wine.