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- hotwine - 11-12-2001 07:21 PM

We use our Riedel Sommelier burgs for vitually all red wines, and have been wrestling with the stains commonly left in the bottom of the glass. I usually wash them each evening, but the stains have appeared anyway. This afternoon, I tried Oxiclean, the stuff that's advertised on the tube and available at Sam's, and Voila! It worked! Maybe all of a half teaspoon of the stuff and less than an inch of very warm water in the glass, allowed to soak for 20 minutes, and the stains are gone. It works well with grubby denim, too, but that's not nearly as important....

- Bucko - 11-12-2001 07:37 PM

I bet you have a Ronco Pocket Fisherman too!!! Sorry, couldn't resist......

Hey, that is nice to know. I've seen a lot of home remedies, but they don't work. I have used TSP (tri-sodium-phosphate) to clean glasswear, especially beer bottles for home brewing -- works very well.

- barnesy - 11-12-2001 08:37 PM

That oxiclean stuff works....

Its taken ketchup and grape juice stains out of the carpet, and dried blood off of some of my clothes.

Its good stuff. One of the few TV things that actually works.


- hotwine - 11-12-2001 08:52 PM

Nope, no Ronco Pocket Fishermen, or Ron Popiel (sp?) stuff. But Debra had me pick up some of this stuff at Sam's, to use on tough stains. It doesn't work well on red wine stains on cotton shirts; got clumsy and sloshed wine onto a new shirt just last week, and even after two washings the stains are still there, although barely. But it works very well on jeans that are really grubby with bearing grease, motor oil and cow manure.


- winoweenie - 11-12-2001 09:06 PM

Just installed a new Maytag dishwasher last month and for the foist time in historics with the gentle wash cycle, this sucker washes all of the crystal glases like they been done by hand. Not even a close call with breakage. HOO-HAA!!!!. WW

- Drew - 11-13-2001 01:31 AM

You know the problem with the Riedel Sommelier glasses is in the drying, not the cleaning. I had a pair of the Bordeaux sommelier and broke one while drying 2 days after I received it. It's widow now sits in a cabinet never to be used for fear of breakage. The sommelier series is so delicate that for the money ($60 per stem), imho, the risk of breakage outweighs the pleasure of use.


- winoweenie - 11-13-2001 07:05 AM

Drew-Consumer. Did you let George con you into the Soms? The Vinium has the same bowl only the stems are machine made and my litte stubby fingers 'kaint tell the nohow. The bowls' mouthfeel is still great and they be 6 fer' 85. I've only broken 1 in over a year. Don't unnerstand why. It only fell 4 feet onto my sautillo tile floor in the kitchen. WW

- hotwine - 11-13-2001 07:22 AM

The set of four Soms was a gift from my dear big-busted - er, big-hearted - sister-in-law last Christmas, and they're holding up well - so far. But they're treated very gently, and patted dry with a paper towel. Their big bowls and straight rims sure make a difference in the perception of reds!

- Drew - 11-13-2001 09:11 AM

Mine were a gift also from my son and I would have never paid the prices he paid for the glasses. I use the large Towle Bordeaux and Burgundy styles that I get from Tuesday Morning at $4.99 per as well as stems at the same price point from Mikasa.


- winoweenie - 11-13-2001 10:25 AM

The only gifts I get from my chillin' be requests for donations to their charities. WW

- Thomas - 11-13-2001 05:58 PM

One of the greatest cleaners of all time is Dr. Bronners (sp) Castile Soap--a little in warm water, some sloshing or rubbing (depending upon the item to be cleaned), good rinsing, and nothing remains. The label is quite entertaining too.

Re: red wine stains. One reason to always have white wine around is for red wine spills; catch the spill with a splash of white wine while the spill is still wet and the stain goes away.

- Bucko - 11-13-2001 07:31 PM

Castile Soap--a little in warm water, some sloshing or rubbing (depending upon the item to be cleaned), good rinsing, and nothing remains.
Nothing?!?! I wondered where all of my shirts were going to! [img][/img]

- mrdutton - 11-13-2001 07:41 PM

Although I've not checked the label, I am under the impression, just from seeing the demonstrations, that OXI-CLEAN is nothing more than TSP with maybe a wetting agent thrown in.

- hotwine - 11-13-2001 08:37 PM

Foodie makes an interesting point. That's an incentive for even The Weener to keep an SW handy!

- hotwine - 11-13-2001 08:43 PM

The OxiClean label only says it's organic, and contains sodium carbonate and sodium percarbonate.

- Blue - 11-14-2001 10:43 AM

Warning, going off topic!

Speaking of Dr. Bronners, have you tried his mineral bouillon...its the definition of aquired taste but once you're hooked, you're hooked!

The lable is fun.

- Blue

- winoweenie - 11-14-2001 12:45 PM

Several years ago the Weener had the 11 western states for a revolutionary carpet cleaner called Mystical. The inventor was a real character and we had thousands of cases of this stuff in the marketplace. If a stain would come out of a fabric, this stuff did it. I was stocking palletes of it here in Phoenix. One day after receiving 2 palletes of Mystical, I called Freds' wats line and was greeted by a voice who identified himself as being with the IRS. Seems Fred had been plowing his profits into a rock-solid investment, the Mirage Black-Jack tables in Vegas. The reason for all this diatribe is I still probably have 100 cases (24 16oz. bottles) left. So, no, I still have no reason to stock-up on SW's. WW [img][/img]

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- Thomas - 11-14-2001 07:45 PM

Blue: I use Bronners hand soaps too--incredible stuff.

As for Bucko's zooming in on my stupid "nothing" remark, I stand in shame; a writer ought to know better! Incidentally, the shirts were cheap anyway...