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- kukiobay - 01-30-1999 01:31 AM

Plese help!!! Several years ago, we owned a champagne implement that looked a lot like a teaspoon. You could insert the rod into the bottle of champagne and it was held in place by a decorative top. It is NOT a cork and it is NOT a stopper. The champagne is open to the elements. For some reason, the champagne bubbles stay!!!! I have searched many wine and kitchen shops and have sent e-amil messages to wineries, all with no results.

Can anyone help me please? Do you know where to find these champagne implements? I need one desperately!!

Thank you....or Mahalo, as we say in Hawaii.

- Jerry D Mead - 01-30-1999 02:38 AM

I'm in the business for 32 years and never heard of it.

There are very good champagne preservers however, that are stoppers with little metal clamps (sort of) that hold stopper on the bottle. Many restaurants use them and they work really well.


- tomstevenson - 02-03-1999 07:07 AM

Aloha Germain
You will already have my email, but for the benefit of any readers of this thread, let me quote the relevant part here:

"The idea that a silver teaspoon miraculously keeps the pressure of a sparkling wine provided the end of it makes contact with the wine is based on pseudo-science: it does not work, as tests have shown. You are right, however, about the gadgets that have been designed on this (false) premis; they do have an ornamental top and are made of silver, with their extended length supposedly enabling you to keep fresh much smaller quantities of champagne. I occasionally see these gadgets advertised, but cannot lay my hands on one at the moment.