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- VinJean - 02-13-2001 02:23 PM

Hello. I live in Minnesota, and I have been searching high and low for wines from an obscure wine region of France, the Jura (such as those wines from the appellations of Arbois, l'Étoile, Cotes du Jura, Chateau Chalon, as well as the sparkling wines, Cremant de Jura). Short of actually going to Jura, I have not been having much luck. So far, I am unable to find them at my local wine shops or online.

My understanding is that most of Jura's, wine doesn't make it outside of the region, let alone France. I thought I would ask, does anyone know of any distributors, stores, shops, or Internet sources that might carry these wines?

This has been sort of a personal quest for me, as the Jura is where my ancestors came from, and I really want to sample the wines of my people! Just thought I would check to see if anyone had any insight.

Thanks much!

- cpurvis - 02-13-2001 06:13 PM

Welcome to the Board VinJean! is usually reliable for such quests. I searched using the terms that you mentioned & found plenty of entries available. However, as you've already found, the purveyors are all in France, Belgium or U.S.A.

Unless Drew, the Wine Board sleuth-in-residence, can find some for you, you might check with the folks at Wine Expo in Santa Monica, CA...they cover considerable territory with the French imports. The phone is: (310)282-4428

Good luck! cp

- barnesy - 02-13-2001 06:22 PM

Doesn't wine expo only have French sparkling, Champagne? They seem to deal mostly in italians. You may wish to try popswine.

The have a huge selection and may be able to put in a special order for you. Their phone number should be on the site.


- Thomas - 02-14-2001 09:50 AM

VinJean, you are correct: the Jura region is rather obscure to us American people, but the region's wine producing prowess dates back to Classical Greek and the Romans.

In NYC we have a distributor who handles a few Jura products, but in Minnesota! Don't know. We used to have a woman on the board, Nancy, in the retail business out your way. But she seems to have abandoned the board.