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- Simon - 05-21-1999 04:21 PM

I may not be a wine expert, but when I had an opportunity to taste a Georgian red wine by a company named Chalice Wines. I have learned that they will be hopefully making an introduction into the American market. If you tried the rest, get ready to be introduced to a whole new world of wining. Anyone who gets a chance to find one, please post me a reply with where you got it!

- Bucko - 05-21-1999 11:11 PM

Simon, it is only necessary to post in one folder - multiple postings are wasted and irritate the wine gods.


- Simon - 05-22-1999 10:59 AM

I am sorry for my exuberence. You must understand how excited I am about the introduction of wines from the old country! We have limited ourselves to the remarkable wines of California and France, and we don't enjoy the niche wines of Hungary & Latin America, which would really surprise the average drinker. When we try new things, then we have a better understanding of the world, which has so much we haven't yet experienced. You guys have created a wonderful forum and thank you for allowing me to voice an opinion that has been suppressed within me! Chao!