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- barnesy - 08-10-2000 12:36 AM

The Perfect Page for me. I am a pacific NW'er and recently took a wine tour of several of the Oregon wineries. If you are looking for a great winery, LaGarza in the Umqua valley fits the bill. They specialize in dry wines by all their wines were exceptionally smooth. They would be great for someone new to wine or someone looking to migrate out of the dessert wines and into the other types. Chateau Loraine has a large variety of wines in general and their sweeter wines are exceptional, in particular their Marechal Foch Late harvest. Hope this sparks the PNW board a bit.


- Bucko - 08-10-2000 04:29 PM

You have a few wineries in your home state. Ever visited them? Indian Creek specifically?


- barnesy - 08-10-2000 08:32 PM

Idaho wineries?

I have visited Ste. Chapelle here in Caldwell. But it has only been a year since I have been legal and have been busy with school up until now. I am planning some Idaho wine fun for my future days off and will certainly try your recommendation. Thanks.

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