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- Bucko - 04-25-1999 11:16 AM

I traded for this, so no price available.

1996 Hermann J. Wiemer J.R., Finger Lakes, Semi-Dry. The sweetness is at the Kabinett/Spatlese level. A hint of petrol on the nose and palate, nice riesling fruit, crisp acidity, pleasant aftertaste. The only thing missing is the wet stone/minerals (maybe this will develop with time). Very nice wine that betters the stuff I have tried from CA.


- Van The Man - 04-25-1999 03:26 PM

Bucko -

Nice report. Glad to hear you liked this one.

Wiemer is absolutely one of the best producers of traditional German/Alsace varietal wines in the US IMHO. His wines are always dependable and his passion for traditional methods produce wines which are awesome.

As I mentioned to you earlier, the '96 vintage was problematic in the Finger Lakes so if you can imagine depth through the middle of this wine with more tiers and deeper fruit, you can imagine the '93, '94, '95 and '97, all wonderful wines.

FWIW, this bottle retails no more than $12 to $14 which makes it an even better wine considering the retails of wines in other appellations.....come to thing of it, this one might be around $10. :-\ Honestly can't remember off the top of my cranium.

Oh yeah, the '95 Reserve Chard was just AWESOME!

- Bucko - 04-25-1999 11:17 PM

$12 for this bottle is a steal of a deal. Good to see that someone is taking the grape seriously here in the US.


- Kcwhippet - 04-26-1999 06:05 AM

We'll be tasting Wiemer's 1990 Late Harvest Riesling with a group this Thursday evening. Will post the TN after the tasting. Interestingly, this is in a 750, not a 375 bottle.

- Thomas - 04-26-1999 07:20 AM

If I remember correctly, that particular Wiemer Late Harvest is not what you expect; I seem to remember it being less a big dessert wine and more a great sipping wine -- but then, my cranium is likely even more unreliable than Van the Man's.


Wiemer Rieslings are the tip -- a good tip -- of the iceberg; he happens to get more press.
Of the 53 Finger Lakes wineries, I think maybe two do not produce Riesling.

Although they are typically higher in acid, and take a little longer to age, FL Rieslings age as gracefully as their German counterparts. In fact, older FL Rieslings can fool you into thinking Europe; but few are allowed to age.

I have been wanting the FL region to amass a major Riesling promotion campaign because I believe -- and am not alone -- that the variety is the region's strength. And you know what pros like Jancis R say: given their preferences, many wine pros think Riesling is the noblest of the nobles. Almost all FL tasting rooms show Riesling the leading sales item. I have gone so far as to suggest a special FL Riesling bottle; but who listens to a guy whose winery closed after eight years?

There is no doubt in my mind that Rielsing is one of the most food-friendly -- and versatlie -- wines.

- Thomas - 04-26-1999 07:23 AM

You would think a writer could type, but I can't.

- Bucko - 04-26-1999 08:52 AM

....but few are allowed to age.

That is the problem with most wines - they are consumed far too early.