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- Bucko - 01-04-2002 11:25 PM

Provided courtesy of mrdutton:

1999 Horton, Norton, Orange County, Virginia, $12. A deep, rich, purple/black color. Tart aromas of cherries and plums are enhanced by tobacco leaf and smoky notes. Very tart on the palate with grapey flavors and a spicy finish. Match with grilled sausage links and honey mustard. 81/81.

- Innkeeper - 01-05-2002 07:48 AM

IMHO it is the best red hybrid wine going. Thanks for new bottle Mike.

- mrdutton - 01-05-2002 12:25 PM

Glad to know you still like it........ It is my pleasure to help spread the joy of wine!

- Innkeeper - 07-12-2002 05:21 AM

Popped ours last night, and it was right up to Bucko's TN, if not a little better. As a matter of fact, have to get to Horton one of these days, as all their stuff is top drawer.

Matched it with something we call Superburgers. This is a summertime only thing for us because it has to have fresh herbs, and it has to be grilled. If you're going to use dry herbs and indoor broiling, forget it. We use a golden marjoram whose flavor cuts through all the others. You can use any you can find in the majoram/oregano family.


1 lb Lean ground beef
1 Small onion chopped
1 tbl Butter
1 Egg (beaten)
2 tbl Minced parsley
1 tbl Minced marjoram
2 tbl Chopped walnuts
1/2 tsp Lawry salt/nosalt
1/4 tsp Pepper
1 tbl Ice water
3 Slices bacon

Nuke onion in butter. Add to with everything else except bacon. Form into three patties. Wrap each with a bacon rasher, secure with toothpicks, and chill. Grill over high heat/coals for fifteen minutes, turning once.

- winoweenie - 07-12-2002 06:21 AM