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- cellsworth - 07-25-2000 05:46 PM

I am in search of an organic wine made in a small Vineyard in New York - the wine is called The Eye Of The Bee.

- glenora - 07-26-2000 05:47 AM


Most likely it would be Four Chimneys located Himrod NY. I will check and get back to you.

Maybe our friend Foodie might know, but I doubt it as he claims to never drink sweet wines.


- Kcwhippet - 07-26-2000 05:49 AM

Eye of the Bee is made by Four Chimneys Winery, and it's a semi sweet red wine that retails about $6.50. The winery touts itself as "America's first organic winery". Probably the best way to find where you can get the wine is to call the winery directly at 607-243-7502.

- cellsworth - 07-26-2000 01:40 PM

Four Chimneys...That is it, Thank you both SO MUCH!!!!!

- Thomas - 07-27-2000 08:42 PM

One day, as I stood in a wine retail shop in Albany, NY, I heard a hissing sound. I pointed the sound out to the owner and then the two of us searched the store until we found the hiss emanating from a half-dozen bottles of wine on the shelves. The corks had been popped and the wine was happily fermenting in the bottles.

The wine was Eye of the Bee...