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- wondersofwine - 06-19-2007 07:38 PM

North Fork of Long Island, NY
Paid $9.50 for a glass of this at Gramercy Tavern to accompany sturgeon.
(I will have more notes for this NY/East Coast thread) as I open some of the wines I purchased on our recent offline. Glenora shipped most of them to me and they arrived yesterday so I will let them rest a few weeks.)

The Sauvignon Blanc was a very pale straw color (in dim lighting) with clarity. Crisp with a "fuzzy" texture on the tip and underside of the tongue. Seems closer to Sauvignon Blanc from France than from New Zealand. Beading on sides of glass. Rather a long finish. This went nicely with the amuse bouche of 1-2 oz. tasting glass of asparagus soup (pureed asparagus). I also had an appetizer of open face ravioli with crab, razor clams and nettles with a green broth from the nettles. The sturgeon came with fava beans, cipollini onions and new potatoes.
Dessert was milk chocolate praline mousse with Grand Marnier ice cream. The mousse was wonderful. The sturgeon was probably my least favorite course (I'd never had sturgeon before and found it rather salty) but there were a limited number of entrees and none really appealed to me. I was happier with the appetizer and dessert. Service was excellent.