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- Innkeeper - 02-17-2006 08:21 PM

2003 Wagner, Finger Lakes, Dry Riesling ($12). This "dry" one has 1.2% RS. It also contains 10.9% alcohol. This is one of two Wagners' that we've bought after tasting them at the winery two years ago. The other was an off-dry that we gave away to one of our carpenters that did a special favor for us.

Based on this one we will be getting more and look forward to tasting the off dry with something appropriate. This Riesling showed the varietal characteristics of peaches and apricots on the nose and upfront. There was seductive complexity and pleaty of acidity in the middle, and the finish was a two and half lapper. Matched it with Shrimp Scampi on rice, with salad vinaigrette. Great way to spend a Friday night.

- Thomas - 02-18-2006 09:29 AM

So IK, will you ever admit that a dry wine does not necessarily mean lack of sugar... [img][/img]

What's the acidity of that Riesling?

- Innkeeper - 02-18-2006 09:58 AM

Don't know the exact level of acidity. Not on their site or their bottle. It was slightly higher than normally found in a Riesling, but not high enough to bother soulmate, if that means anything.