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- Bucko - 06-26-1999 08:42 PM

The Finger Lakes Rieslings continue to impress me. The 98 Glenora Riesling is off-dry, a beautifully floral nose, with apricots and rose petals on the palate and adequate acidity. Impressive.


- Thomas - 06-27-1999 02:58 PM

Yep. This wine just scored a Medal.

I, for one, think it is a great bargain at $7.99 retail. Don't know how they can sell it for such a low price.

The 98 Dry Riesling is no slouch either.

- n144mann - 06-27-1999 06:14 PM

Hey Foodie, how hard is it to get these wines out of the New York area?? I have found a retailer who is really willing to get me ANYTHING he can possibly get his hands on, and is willing to look for anything at all that I bring as a request. He has found many of Randy's suggestions for me. Do you know who he/we should contact about getting it in Minnesota?? I would love to try some of the Finger Lakes Rieslings, but have not seen any for sale here. Any ideas??

- Thomas - 06-28-1999 02:45 PM

Glenora has a representative on this site. Perhaps he will read your message and tell you if they have distribution in Minnesota, or if there is another way to get it to you...

- Jerry D Mead - 06-28-1999 06:57 PM

And sometimes a really strong retailer can lean on a local wholesaler to D.I. (direct import) a brand just for him...the wholesaler usually takes a smaller than usual mark-up as a handling fee, and everyone gets what they want.

And then sometimes these deals turn into long term benefits for everyone...the wholesaler becomes aware of a new brand and may eventually take it on for real. Meanwhile the retailer has an exclusive and he creates happy customers...


- Bucko - 06-28-1999 10:55 PM

Foodie, the wine deserves a medal, and the price is ridiculously low -- it rivals $20 Reislings.


- glenora - 06-29-1999 04:12 AM


Glenora does not have distribution in MN, but if you could e-mail me the name of your local wine shop I will attempt to see if we can make arrangements to get our wines (and other NY wines, if you wish) to you.

Bucko--thanks for the kind words about our Rieslings, there are many fine Rieslings being made in the Finger Lakes Region, and I would encourage (obviously) all to give them a try!!


- primitivo - 06-30-1999 11:17 PM

NY wines seem to be grabbing the headlines(with due cause)but has anyone out there sampled the cab francs or single vineyard sauvignon blancs from the mountains of central VA? Impressive and accessible.

- Bucko - 07-01-1999 07:24 AM

I used to enjoy some Viogniers from VA, Horton in particular.


- Thomas - 07-01-1999 07:26 AM

Haven't had the Cabernet Francs, but have had other Va. reds. Impressive indeed.
There is one Merlot -- I believe Renaissance is its name -- that came up in a blind tasting a while back; marvelous wine.