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- Innkeeper - 03-01-2003 08:20 AM

2001 Geroges Duboeuf, Flower Label, Morgon ($13). Nice notes of cherry and apricot on the nose and upfront. Decent varietal gamay flavor and complexity across the palate, and a quick finish. To be perfectly honast this a Jean Descombes was not. It was not worth the couple of dollars more than Beaujolais Villages that I paid for it.

The match may have been off too. We had had sauteed hamburgers, and a Cru Beaujolis is normally a good burger wine. This time though, I sprinkled some ground fennel on them along with the granulated onion and garlic, Lawry salt, and pepper. The fennel might have made a Cotes Du Rhone or a Dolcetto a better call.

An interesting side note: GDB is now printing the words "Cru Du Beaujolais" on all the Flower Label Cru bottles. This is good news for novices who have a hard time understanding that the Crus are Beaujolais. It is bad news for Beaujolais lovers who have been keeping the Crus a secret for all these years.