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- barnesy - 12-06-2000 12:26 AM

Well, he gone and went and done it again. The last wine he recommended to me was FABULOUS. He was showing me a good cote du rhone when I mentioned something about enjoying Beaujolais. He took the bottle of rhone out of my hands, and took me over to a display of beaujolais. He handed a bottle of 1999 Georges Duboeuf Jean Descombes Morgon.

The bouquet was filled with tart raspberries. Once I took a drink, again...raspberries! It had a medium-long finish finish of earthy raspberries (like one right off the bush that hasn't been washed). This has been the best bottle of wine I have had to date. I am going to buy a few bottles more. This guy will have my business for as long as I live here.
Well, I am going to get another glass and by the time its done, I won't be able to type very well [img][/img] ....I am celebrating the end of the grading of about 100 papers largely written by freshamn.


- Drew - 12-06-2000 03:57 AM

I don't blame you...those freshamn are a bunch of pigs, always carrying on and snorting in the classroom! [img][/img]

- hotwine - 12-06-2000 08:20 AM

Glad you found the Jean Descombes Morgon. Mike & I both commented on it earlier in the year.
Suggest you also look for Duboeuf's Moulin-A-Vent, Domaine de la Tour du Bief. It's usually a bit more expensive at about $15, but also IMHO more elegant and long-lived.
It's fun to work your way through all of Duboeuf's Cru Beaujolais offerings. Most are really superb.

- mrdutton - 12-06-2000 07:45 PM

As I've noted in earlier postings, the GD Jean Descombes Morgon is a truely wonderful wine experience. Sure hope it stays that way!!