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- quijote - 11-20-2003 10:56 PM

Three of us arranged for a local restaurant, the Sommelier's Palette in Shorewood, to devise a menu for us around some of the more promising Beaujolais Nouveau offerings this year. The food was great, and though the wines weren't mind-blowing, they were really delicious and paired well with the food. All wines, of course, are from the 2003 vintage.

For starters we had a Bouchard Aine et Fils Beaujolais Nouveau, paired with several appetizers: olive and sage farinata; duck rilletes with pickled cherries; crab and artichoke cakes; and grilled veggies. The Bouchard was very light and fruity, with a pronounced flavor of dried cherries and some mineral on the finish.

Next, we had a Joseph Drouhin Beaujolais Villages Nouveau, paired with pan-seared salmon with green apple risotto and a Calvados beurre blanc, and a side of carrots, fennel, and glazed pecans. This wine was the best of the three--somewhat more complex, with notes of plums and mixed berries. It went very well with the entree.

After that, we had a Prosper Maufoux Beaujolais Villages Nouveau paired with a cheese course. The cheeses were Gourmandise walnut (cow's milk with walnuts, from France), Monet (California goat cheese), and Point Reyes (a mild bleu cheese from California). The cheese was plated with all sorts of bread, crackers, dried fruit, and nuts. The wine went well with everything, and had a distinctive raspberry flavor.

For something a little extra, we each had a glass of 1994 Smith Woodhouse Port with a chocolate torte and an apple-cinnamon phyllo purse. A pleasant way to end the experience, though I think Port is a bit sweet for my taste. (Sorry, Georgie!) Very delicious, however.

Now I'm at home and bloody useless, due to all of the wine I've consumed. But I'll sleep well tonight, and work will snap me back into reality tomorrow....

- winoweenie - 11-21-2003 07:03 AM

Went to my local pushers Beaujolais party and agree the 03 has some merit for grape-juice. The best neauvoux in several years, howm-so-ebberly this jaded ole palate needs juice with some whiskers to get excited. I took a bottle of 97 Dehlinger Bordeaux Blend to drink whilst all them other dudes be drinking the new stuff. A fun time had by all. WW

- wondersofwine - 11-21-2003 02:48 PM

quijote, your meal sounds terrific! Glad to hear the Drouhin was a favorite as that is the one I have been recommending based on my experience in 2001. I hope to have/buy some Nouveau Beaujolais while in Charlotte, NC after Thanksgiving.

- Georgie - 11-21-2003 05:30 PM

Sounds like a great evening. Don't apologize about the Port. Just means more for moi!

- Skeeter - 11-22-2003 05:29 PM

Not if I get to it first, Georgie. [img][/img]

- Georgie - 11-23-2003 07:41 PM

Now, remembering I am a wine babe in arms, I had never heard of Beaujolais Nouveau. So I bought some today to give it a whirl. Frankly, I don't think it's anything to write home about. Fruity, light, kind of just, well, wine, if you can understand what I'm trying to convey. I've had much better $10. wines. Interestingly enough, however, last Christmas my brother-in-law brought over a bottle of wine. I remember when I drank it, I said, "This doesn't do anything for me."Now mind you, I didn't become interested in wine until about last Feb. I keep that bottle in the laundry room filled with water for the steam iron. I just looked at it. Sure enough, 2002 Beaujolais Nouveau. Not buying this stuff again next year!

- winoweenie - 11-24-2003 08:23 AM

Atta Girl Teach!!!!WW [img][/img]

- Innkeeper - 12-03-2003 08:44 PM

Picked up a GDB Nouveau today to checky check ($7 Belfast Coop). Chilled it a little. Encountered an extremely tight artificial cork. Tried the Screwpull first. It looked me right in the eye and said, "I want to hang onto my teflon." So, I got out the monster waiter's pal. That hummer popped it right out.

Drank it with grillpanned smoked pork chops, spinach, and OO'd baguette. It was very refreshing, and yards and yards better than last year's. Unfortunately since it was a result of the hot, hot summer, one can't really predict how the rest of the Beaujolais vintage of '03 will go. Let's keep our fingers crossed, and hope for the best.