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- hotwine - 06-07-2003 07:45 AM

Domaine de la Tour du Bief (Georges Duboeuf). Saw a TN on another board that indicated this was dead, and had to confirm for myself. Yup, sure 'nough. More like a thin, watery Kool-Ade than a wine. Too bad, 'cause there are still a few in the cellar. May give 'em away to beer-drinkin' friends.

- Innkeeper - 07-08-2003 07:10 AM

2000 Christian Bernard, Moulin-A-Vent ($12.50 Blue Hill Wine Shop). Quite the opposite reaction. Almost completely opaque with hints of garnet at the bottom and sides. Strawberries and unsweetened chocolate on the nose and upfront. Wonderfully complex, and smoooooth across the palate, with a ring a ding finish. Will try to get more on my next trip over there.

Incidentally have enjoyed two different 2002 Louis Jadot Beaujolais Villages recently. They were very nice. Methinks the vintage was not as bad as the Nouveau indicated it might be.