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- Thomas - 07-05-2000 05:53 AM

Thinking maybe a couple of Rose samples for these lazy, hazy days on the deck.

The first one I opened: Zaca Mesa, 1999 Gris (with a Z over the word Gris that I cannot duplicate here, plus a TM next to the name of the wine). Nice substantial bottle, good bright color. Marketing exudes from this package.

On the front label it says the wine is produced from Rhone varieties, but nowhere on any label does it say which varieties. No matter. The wine has no aroma, no fruit, no taste--no good.

The back label is a fine piece of literature about dogs and Indians and mesas. Combined, however, the package, the wine and the writing are not worth the half price of a paperback.

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- Innkeeper - 07-05-2000 06:56 AM

Won't say how much McDowell Valley Vinyard, Grenache Rose' was consumed with the Jordan's Natural Casing Beef Franks yesterday; but near as we can remember there was plenty of aroma, fruit, et al.

- mrdutton - 07-05-2000 06:42 PM

Rose? Me, I'm still stuck on Crus Beaujolais as my summer drink. One thing for sure, it is a known factor. Don't have to worry about the marketing behind the label, the stuff is good!

- Jason - 07-06-2000 09:11 PM

Try Toad Hollows "Eye of the Toad".
Real pink wine.