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- Thraz - 03-18-2008 04:22 PM

$12.87 at Garagiste.

This is an appellation I had never heard of. It is located to the east of Vouvray, and it produces wines in all three colors.

One of the most interesting wines I have tasted lately. It is made with 70% chenin blanc and 30% chardonnay. All mineral undertones and overtones, no wood, not much fruit, perhaps a little chenin-like honey, good acidity. Long finish. Mid-palate is dominated by a flavor I can't put a name on, but which reminds me of sushi. In fact, I believe this would be an ideal wine with sushi, and I will be testing that theory tonight with the second half of the bottle.

I looked up the appellation, and it has an official website ( Not a word in English so I guess not exported much. Anyway, in the white wine category the site only mentions chenin blanc as a grape, and I had never heard of chardonnay grown in the Loire, so this seems like an oddity. I hope I can find it again.

- TheEngineer - 03-18-2008 11:39 PM


I've not had many wines from Touraine, but the one that I've had had a very significant flinty flavour which is very nice.

- wondersofwine - 03-20-2008 10:52 AM

You need to post more often. You try some interesting wines. I did once have a Chardonnay from Anjou that I liked. After tasting in the wine shop I bought one bottle to enjoy at home. I don't think Chardonnay is common in Anjou either. I've also had a decent Sauvignon Blanc from Touraine, less expensive but not as special, as those from Sancerre.

- Thraz - 03-20-2008 12:34 PM

Thank you! I'm not much of a writer but I will try.

I did have the second half of the bottle with sushi and it was not the ideal pairing I was hoping for, although it was nice. Perhaps it was because the wine has this faint sushi taste (to me) that makes it so interesting (to me), so it sort of disappears when confronted with the real thing.

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- wondersofwine - 03-21-2008 12:00 PM

That happened to me when I tried a "gingery" wine (probably a Gewurztraminer) with a gingersnap cookie. It wasn't the great match I thought it would be.