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- VouvrayHead - 08-10-2009 05:08 PM

$17, 12%abv

I orginially opened this 4 days ago alongside the stunning Granite de Clisson (and really, if you ever see the '05 Granite de Clisson, you have GOT to get some). This wine is hugely mineral and violently acidic right now. I mean, it was almost painful to drink. It was certainly impressive in a way, with such massive attack at the front and some nice lemon-lime-pineapple fruit as well, with good texture and a looooong finish for Muscadet, but it was just too much.

Now, 4 days in the fridge later, it's settling down. Tastes sort of like as if some good Sancerre minus any grassy/herbal notes soaked with limestone in an open sea-side vat for a long, long time...

Very interesting, will have to check back in a few years, if for no reason except I have a few more and don't want to damage my esophagus by drinking any more in the near future.

This is Marc Ollivier's "step-up" from his regular Muscadet.
Clos des Briords is old-vine, imported by Louis/Dressner.

Oh, I recently tried the '08 regular Pepiere at $13. Delicious!