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- Blue - 02-12-2001 02:39 PM

I have been wondering about this wine's grape variety. In reading up on this I have found a lot of references to the grape varieties "Melon de Bourgogne," and "Folle Blanche" . Do any of you know anything about these cepages? Are they related to Muscat (APG) or S.B.?

- Innkeeper - 02-16-2001 08:30 AM

Muscadet is made from the grape Muscadet de Bourgogne which is also known as Melon de Bourgonge. It is widely believed, though in this day of DNA analysis should be proven one way or another, that this grape is what is grown in California and called Pinot Blanc. It is not the same as Pinot Blanc or Muscat or Sauvignon Blanc. Nor is it the same as Chardonnay, but confusion there arises from the term Melon. Have capitalized the names of grapes here because we are talking about them in the proper sense.