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- Woodman - 01-02-1999 08:13 PM

Damn, son! You been saving up your words since you left AOL, only to download them all at once? You were never this verbose before.

Once again, welcome -- and may you learn someday to have an opinion and state it. [img][/img]

- Botafogo - 01-02-1999 11:13 PM

No, I've been THRICE as busy writing our Hot List every week and talking in the store and on the phone with hundreds of people a day all through the holidays!

Nice to see most of the folks _are_ here, Roberto

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- Woodman - 01-04-1999 06:12 PM

Roberto, clarify for me, please. Do you mean you're glad to see that most of the folks from AOL have visited here, or you're glad to see most (but not all) of the foks who have visited here? Inquiring minds, and all.

- Jerry D Mead - 01-05-1999 01:32 AM

There goes "Woody" stirring the pot again...he's as bad as the Curmudgeon sometimes.


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- Botafogo - 01-05-1999 10:37 PM

Wood, I've edited the post to reflect its meaning. So FAR I haven't seen any of the rabid anti-socialites and brain dead refugees from an alternate "realiti" that so polluted the old boards.


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- Roberta - 01-06-1999 08:43 PM

Wood writes "foks"

Hey. Watch your language

- phwwine - 01-08-1999 09:05 PM

Are we suggesting that we miss sonny boy??

- Botafogo - 01-13-1999 03:04 PM

And now he is ranting from an internet cafe in the largest shopping center in SouthAmerica while watching thousands of Girl from Ipanema canditates shop for bathing suits (or dental floss, they are interchangable here!). ONe thing I have discovered: if you want to study a foreign language for three hours every morning, go to the beach every afternoon and then dance and play music for the whole nite (which doesnt start until 11PM), you dont drink wine you drink cha de mate (a suspiciously invigorating tea) or Guarana (suspiciously refreshing and stimulating soft drink)!

greetings from Rio, Roberto

- Jerry D Mead - 01-13-1999 05:27 PM

Can we look forward to a direct-importing operation, with a certain wine store in Santa Monica as the exclusive representative of these Brazilian "upper" drinks?


- Roberta - 01-14-1999 12:03 AM

<<cha de mate >>

The chemical in yerba mate is the same as in tea/coffee - caffeine - only a different chemical structure. Similar lift but not as hard on the system as caffeine.