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- MikeE - 02-02-1999 11:34 AM

Hey Bucko, was that your picture that graces us in the ZAP article on

First BurgHound and now Bucko... watch out Parker, online wine buffs are gaining on you!

- Bucko - 02-02-1999 12:25 PM

I know the photographer! Tried to bribe him NOT to use the photo. ;-)


- MikeE - 02-02-1999 03:14 PM

Next time don't try and bribe him with a bottle of White Zin at a ZAP event!

It's nice to be able to put a face to a name... though you'd be lucky not be able to do the same with all of us!


- Bucko - 02-02-1999 03:38 PM

But it was a GOOD White Zin.... }:>


- syrahahaha - 02-04-1999 09:13 PM

Congrats, Bucko! Great photo and great PLUG! Are you charging for your autograph yet? Any groupies?