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- kali - 01-15-1999 10:19 PM

These are to of the best wines I've had lately. I'm looking for other people who enjoy a good red as much as I do.

- Jerry D Mead - 01-16-1999 04:17 AM

Kali...Enjoy red wine? Hell, I wear a button that says, "All Wine Would Be Red If It Could."


- Woodman - 01-18-1999 01:35 PM

Kali, I think you'll find most of us prefer red to white. Now, I haven't ever had an Errazuriz, so I can't speak to it. K-J is a different matter. They are pretty solid across the board, and some of their upper-end things are borderline stupendous on occasion (Cardinale, Stonestreet Legacy, etc.) Problem is, they own so many different labels it's hard to keep up, and they aren't shy with the oak which many of us "Winies" don't like. Some of us are more oakophobic than others, though.

Further compounding the issue is that there is a certain backlash among the winegeek community against big corporate wineries. K-J is among these, of course, so we tend to spend our time seeking out "boutique-y" things from smaller outfits. Sometimes this affliction comes back to bite us in the proverbial keester and we miss out on some great efforts by the "big guys".

Let us know what types of reds you like, and we'll steer you toward some you may not have tried.

- kali - 01-19-1999 05:15 PM

WC and Woodman thank you for your responses
Woodman while I also share your feelings about large operations. I find that the K-J Merlot and Pinot Noir 1991-1995 Vintners Reserve are not 'oaky' at all and I greatly dislike woody wines. On the subject of the Errazuriz it is Chilian. It has a lovely blend of berry flavors, and an interesting blend of green pepper. It received a 87 in Wine Spectators Ultimate Guide. And it is wonderful with lamb. WC Truer words have never been spoken.

- kali - 01-19-1999 05:23 PM

Has to what reds I enjoy Primarily Merlots and Pinot Noirs but please feel free to suggest anything. Has anyone had a good Port lately? I had a great one at a party last week it was Fonseca Vintage Port 1994. We get quite a few good ports here as we have a large Portugese community that visits home regularly. But pass any and all suggestions my way I love new experiences

- Jerry D Mead - 01-19-1999 07:46 PM

Kali...My "secret weapon" Pinot Noir is Napa Ridge...any vintage. It never costs more than about $10 and every year it's a major medal winner. The last two years it was the medal-winningest Pinot in America, beating out high-powered, $50 a bottle wines like Gary Farrell.

No, it is not the best Pinot I've ever had, nor do I personally think it's America's best in the past two years...but it's damned sure America's most consistent for quality and value. And it's widely available.

Let me know what you think.


- Jerry D Mead - 01-19-1999 07:50 PM

Kali...If you like Merlot and Pinot Noir because they are somewhat less astringent reds than Cabernets and some others, I suggest you check out some of the California Sangiovese entries.

Ferrari-Carano makes a wine called "Siena" which is Sangiovese with a small amount of Cabernet and the Atlas Peak Reserve (but not the regular) is also very nice. From Southern California, a brand called Castelletto is excellent.


- Jason - 01-29-1999 08:31 AM

To WC - I am guessing you are speaking of the Atlas Peak Sangio 94. This was a tough bottle but try the 95. They're back on track.

- Jerry D Mead - 01-30-1999 02:35 AM

It's just that I usually find the "regular" a little wimpy in most vintages...the Reserve is more substantial and more complex. (Once again speaking in general terms.)