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- Kcwhippet - 01-18-1999 02:11 PM

I have zero experience with this winery. However, I was speaking with a friend out in WA this weekend, and he was raving about them. He had picked up some Zins, Cab and Carignan from them as futures and tasted them all the other day. He said they were all fabulous - lots of fruit with some non-intrusive oak. Sounded interesting. Anyone out there have anything to say about them?


- Bucko - 01-18-1999 03:25 PM

Bob, I have several cases of Coffaro wines in my cellar. His ZPC, Zin, Estate Cuvee and Petite Sirah are my favorites. Incredibly good QPR wines.


- Woodman - 01-18-1999 07:55 PM

I have only six bottles of Coffaro in my "cellar", but I'll second Bucko. David Coffaro is a former home winemaker who went commercial. As a result, he tends to "overtinker" with his blending IMNSHO, but whatever he's doing it works, though I think it would work just as well if he blended a little less. The man gets more varieties into one wine than anyone else I can think of.

That said, he has a fruit-forward bent, and that works as well. Extremely tasty wines, available as futures every year for next to nothing from his website at

- Kcwhippet - 01-19-1999 08:16 AM

Thanks for the feedback, Bucko and Wood. I went to his website last night - great diary and I saw Bucko mentioned in there. It's quite an insight into the workings of a small winery - very entertaining and informative. I think we'll give it a try.

Thanks again,

- tomstevenson - 01-19-1999 03:02 PM

David Coffaro is new to me, but from the buzz here, I'll have to check him out and, if he's that, I might have to revise my post under home winemaking! By the way Bucko, QPR is a football team over here. I didn't know you're a fan.

- Bucko - 01-19-1999 04:22 PM

You call that stuff FOOTBALL! <snicker>

By all means try Coffaro wines, especially the Petite Sirah which he does wonders with. Very approachable.


- tomstevenson - 01-20-1999 06:54 AM

Bucko, I was going to say that English football is real football, not a bunch of robocops having a punch-up, but with a name like "Queens Park Rangers", I might be on a sticky wicket ...

- Roberta - 01-27-1999 07:19 PM

Coffaro does make very tasty wines and at great prices. While I haven't tried it, I hear he makes a good late harvest as well.

Plus, a visit to his winery is fun.

- FamilyWine - 01-28-1999 04:22 PM

I'm happy that Mr. Woodman has some Coffaro in his cellar. But how do those of us in states where it is a criminal activity to engage the direct shipment of wines get hold of these hard to find wines. Some of us don't have middlemen distributors who carry this wine (or hundreds of other wines from smaller producers). Maybe we should move to England, out of the reach of WSWA.

- Jerry D Mead - 01-29-1999 12:19 AM

Family...You don't say which impossible state you live in, but there are numerous ruses and dodges which are frequently used to circumvent these Prohibition-era laws.

For one thing, most states are really only prosecuting retailers/wineries shipping from other states. They have not yet turned the powers of the state on their own citizens for ordering (it's rather like busting the hooker and leaving the "john" unprosecuted)wine or from individual citizens sending wine as gifts.

So if you have a really good friend in any reciprocal state, arrange to have the wine shipped to him, and then he can generally ship it on to you with impugnity. I know, that's double shipping...but if it's something you really want... Or maybe you can have it shipped somewhwere you visit once or twice a year and can either pick it up or ship it to yourself.

Some folks are renting wine storage lockers in major wine markets...California, Washington, Oregon, if you're into American wines...New York, if you're more into imports...and having their purchases delivered to their wine locker with its controlled temp and humidity...and then visiting periodically to ship a mixed case or three of what's there home.

If you're shipping to yourself, or having a friend ship...just don't tell the shipper what's inside...say glassware...olive oil...preserves (actually pretty accurate) or something, else they won't accept the shipment. Curmy ships to relatives in many illegal states and never has a problem. Might make an interesting article if I did get arrested.