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- Thomas - 11-10-2000 11:47 AM

The protracted madness has ended: received approval for the absolute privilege of being in the wine--as opposed to the gun--business in NY State.

It's a great story, for anyone interested.

- hotwine - 11-10-2000 01:37 PM

Wow! Congratulations, Foodie! I had assumed your license application had been deep-sixed, and its review placed in the "interminable" category (along with vote-counting in Florida).
Good on ya.

- Innkeeper - 11-10-2000 01:37 PM

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Couldn't have happened to a more deserving guy.

- RAD - 11-10-2000 01:59 PM

Hey Foodie, fantastic! Based on our discussion during dinner at Les Halles awhile back, I too thought the license had been 86ed.

When does the store open? I want to sign the first dollar bill that goes in the register!


- winoweenie - 11-10-2000 07:04 PM

Add me the the big HUZZAH~.Ebberey town needs a wine store with someone who`s takin` first count whom can spell Trockbeernaulessessessess. winoweenie

- barnesy - 11-10-2000 11:55 PM

Well Congratulations, and I wish you many Happy costumers. If I get accepted to Columbia for grad school, and a heck of a lot of bucks, I will come pay you a visit.


- Thomas - 11-11-2000 09:04 AM

We aim for December 1, but I have never been known for a good aim! RAD, stop by when you can to watch the renovation progress. Our own Scoop managed to celebrate with us Thursday and to see the shop.

Barnsey, when you get to Columbia you might find the tuition will cramp your wine budget; I will have something in stock just for that occasion, it will be right next to the red wine section, over which will be a mug shot of w.w., the patron saint of red. IK, another visit to NYC is in order! We expect Grand Opening for January--December will be too busy retailing.

Thanks all. This has been an ordeal, and one of the anti-alcohol loonies who was instrumental in holding us up--and whose tactics cost us a lot of money--came over to shake my hand and to say "no hard feelings." I said, "well, maybe not on your side..."

- mrdutton - 11-11-2000 06:27 PM

Foodie, PLEASE be sure to announce the grand opening.

I'd love to make a special trip to NYC to review and most-likely purchase some of your wares.......... and maybe even a wine or two.

We could lunch at Roy's! (KIDDING)

- chittychattykathy - 11-11-2000 09:31 PM

Yes, congratulations!!! What an exciting time this will be for you, grand opening and then working with and watching your "baby" grow and succeed!

- Thomas - 11-12-2000 01:06 PM

Thanks again, all. This is an exciting time, just as exciting as 1985, when I opened my small winery; and then, 1993, when I closed it.

My wife says that living with me certainly has been financially risky, but never boring. She is of course biased, and she knows about bias: she just got back from an election-week stay in Florida.