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- hncjc - 01-08-1999 01:37 PM

When we were doing this on AOL, I never posted mine, so here goes:

(1) Best overall wine value -- most bang for the buck
96 Baumard Quarts de Chaume - expect to see this wine listed in other categories below. Honorable mention: 90 Joguet Chinon Diotierere - was tasted with and in the same class as a 1982 BV Georges de la Tour and an 81 Ducru.

(2) Best white (Dry)
82 Foreau Vouvray Sec (does anyone see a pattern here?)

(3) Best Dessert wine
96 Baumard Quarts de Chaume. Honorable mention: Berringer 89 and 94 LH Reisling and 81 Laufaurie Peyragauy

(4) Best Cal. Cab (new Release)
tie 96 Togni and 96 Phelps Insignia (actually these were barrel samples). Just behind these was 96 Montebello

(5) Best Cal Cab (prior release)
86 Phelps Eisele. I also really enjoyed an 80 Ridge York Creek and 78 and 85 Montelina

(6) Best Bdx.
89 Mouton

(7) Best wine (other)
95 Williams Seylem RR and 96 Martinelli PN - first Cal PN's I have ever really liked

(8) Best wine meal
Mustards - where I had the Williams Seylem
A friend's house, New Year's eve, where we had the 79 Mouton

(9) Best wine moment
Going to Napa and Sonoma with my wife and kids this summer

(10) Best wine of the year
96 Baumard Quarts de Chaume ( when will the 97 be released)

(11) Biggest Disappointment to come out of a bottle
88 Joblot Givry - over the hill - and this was great young. Oh well, I held onto some bottles too long.