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- Botafogo - 08-19-2001 05:33 PM

I ask because we have over 4 THOUSAND registered members but some days can't manage to get a dozen posts. Seems very lame to me....

- Innkeeper - 08-19-2001 06:55 PM

How many newsletters and e-mails do you send out, and how many calls to you get a day? Incidentally, we will be calling soon.

Methinks that upwards of 3500 "active" members were one time posters, that got what they wanted and fled. Also, I get many e-mails from these folks, and think that they just come back and read. Have browsed around the wine related internet, and have not found a forum that halfway compares with this one, either in format or content.

- Botafogo - 08-19-2001 07:08 PM

IK, we get so MUCH response to our weekly e-mails that I have to stay home at night on tuesdays just to respond to it all and we have SIX phone lines incoming and two incoming fax machines...

I find their obsession with California cult wines and collecting to be boring beyond belief but the West Coast Wine Network seems to run 50-100+ posts most days and I've seen a few others (NONE of which are as fun or open minded as here!) with similar numbers.

We have had a pretty good, steady community here lately but then, about last thursday, it just seems to have died. Is it a heat wave or is everyone to busy playing the lotto?


- hotwine - 08-19-2001 08:07 PM

We're still here, still sippin' juice - Duboeuf's Regnie for a red afternoon quaffer, Michel Lynch SB for white with dinner. Grilled shrimp last night, and speckled trout tonight. Life is sweet!

- Botafogo - 08-19-2001 08:40 PM

Hotwine, if'n I pay for it, can you send a bottle each of those over to the ranch in Crawford and see if we can loosen "W" up a little???

On a more serious note, do you think the influx of moneyed and semi sophisticated media types to those environs has raised the Kistler allocations to the local Piggly Wiggly???

Have a wonderful rest of the summer, Roberto

- winoweenie - 08-20-2001 05:55 AM

I'll be Derned! I din't know Merrill Lynch Had gotten in the wine biz. And SW at that. WW

- hotwine - 08-20-2001 06:21 AM

Roberto, I don't think there is even a Piggly Wiggly in Crawford; just a general store. The nearest supermarket is probably in Waco, 25-30 miles east. The media types are really moaning about the "hardship" of having to cover W at his ranch, with no amenities, no restaurants, no bars, no sandy beach, and hot as all billy hell to boot. I love it!

WW, the Lynch juice ain't bad, and it's doing better than M-L's stock is these days!

- Thomas - 08-20-2001 10:31 AM

ww, Merrill Lynch has been into wine for a long time; that is how they manage to keep their employees on board as they watch their investments jump over the other side of the moon.

Speakin' of moon, Roberto, here in NYC it seems everyone's gone there, or at least to the Hamptons; we are having the worst month in sales since we opened our thick nineteenth-century wooden door. I wouldn't put too much stock in the lack of posts--it's those "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer" that's to blame.

- Botafogo - 08-20-2001 11:05 AM

Hmmmm, here in LA LA we have had three consective December-esque weekends and the weeks aren't bad either, we're WAY up over last year and even over March (a traditionally good month here)....

- Thomas - 08-20-2001 01:25 PM

Yeah, well, gloat if you must--need a part-timer?

- RAD - 08-20-2001 05:16 PM

I too would like to see more active members, though I must confess, I myself wax and wane a bit due to work.

RAD (sippin' a '98 Merryvale Reserve cab, since he got 2 in his monthly shipment, and didn't like the first one much, but is always willing to give second chances [img][/img] )

- Catch 22 - 08-21-2001 06:54 AM

A few thoughts from the (mostly) silent majority. I don't doubt that a very high percentage of posters are one-timers, but I think that there is a fair number of lurkers as well. I tend to read others posts quite often, but respond only occasionally. This is because, in most cases, I am more likely to learn than to be able to present relevant knowledge. You can be sure that when I have a question that needs answering, I will ask it. Conversely, when I have the answer to a question, I will respond.
Requiring registration boosts the numbers with one-timers, but it serves a very valuable purpose. Namely, keeping the board clear of inflammatory posts. There are so few on this board compared to a fly fishing board I frequent, where registration is optional.
Lastly, (for now) Roberto's original post was on a weekend, and it seems to me that there are fewer posts on the weekends. Maybe it's because we are busier doing other things on weekends, maybe it's because most people are posting from work, or maybe something else, but that's just my take on it.

- Innkeeper - 08-21-2001 07:16 AM

Been contemplating on this for a couple of days, and profer the following: We have around 20 "regulars" on the board and around 20 more "occasionals." This means that around 1% of the registered members are active. This equates to just about any other voluntary outfit, I've ever been involved with.

- winoweenie - 08-21-2001 07:32 AM

And Robo-Boto, 'Don fergit the Weener was goned fer 2 hole weeklies. WW And on a more serious note, Rad & Catch22 make the most sense. Repying only when they have something relevant, unlike the board you mention where most of the posts are done by people polishing -up their Typing-101 skills that say " Yeah man, I sure agree with that thought ". Plus again when you're on the road like Rad and myself it's hard to find time to do all your drinking and borrow a puter. Plus, how'd you like me jumping in on the Chard, Germany, Sav Blanc, and Bubblie threads with my input of knowledge,again like I witness on the board you mentioned. One of their espertz gave a marvelous tasting note on a Dehlinger Pinot that hadn't been released yet. When I gently pointed out that Tom would prosecute the thief he backed up a vintage. At least most of the posts here are honest and not meant to placate the posters' ego. WW

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- Scoop - 08-21-2001 10:02 AM

And, after a long weekend of "This Old House" upstate, I'm back at my desk, already looking forward to another long weekend reprise of "This Old House" for the upcoming...(but I have almost exhausted my "country" stock of wines, so a'shoppin I must go! Painting, caulking and spackling work up a thirst.).

BTW, the Chateau Lastours Gaillac 2000 is a super wine for country -- or city -- sipping; it reminds me of a cross between an herbaceous Loire Cab Franc and a juicy but substantive Cru Beaujolais, but with a personality all its own (the main grapes are Fer and Duras, both native to Gaillac).



- winecollector - 08-23-2001 09:01 AM

Winoweenie- I'm all for your "evaluation" of the "sissy whites!" Perhaps for the next sabatical, you could just resort to drinking those? And while your doing that, maybe we could line up some wines with the "evil grapes" (with tons of oak) for Innkeeper, and he could tell us about those?

Perhaps I should consider taking up fly fishing? <hee...hee...hee...>

- Thomas - 08-23-2001 03:59 PM

and I shall take up can-can dancing!!!!

- winoweenie - 08-23-2001 07:13 PM


- sunset_lace - 09-07-2001 11:43 PM

Well I guess I just became an active member.

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- winoweenie - 09-08-2001 06:50 AM

Hi there Sunset_Lace and welcome to the board. Jump in enny time. Every one else does whether they have the answer or not. [img][/img] WW