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- ZinNoEsBlanco - 12-24-2000 02:45 PM

Forestville and Pepperwood make inexpensive Syrah/Shiraz that are surprisingly good values for large gatherings. Forestville is often on sale for 3/$9 at Safeway markets in NoCal. It is a great party wine for pizza and BBQ. Just be sure to finish it the same day that you open it. Pepperwood is the better wine at +$1, but its cheap synthetic cork (plastic and sponge) is VERY difficult to remove. Happy Holidays to all!

- chittychattykathy - 12-27-2000 02:26 AM

ZinNoEsBlanco, Welcome to the Board! I use a wine cork pull (the kind with the two prongs) to get those synthetic corks out.

- winoweenie - 12-27-2000 08:17 AM

CCK, do that be known as an Ah!SO?. Oh, and ZINB welcome to the board. winoweenie