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- Richard - 03-11-1999 12:18 PM

I'm currently doing a research paper on the top ten wines of the year, and really appreciate if you send me their names in descending order and all the information about them.If you can't, please send addresses of where I can look. Thank You!

- Jerry D Mead - 03-11-1999 01:37 PM

Top Ten is whose opinion? Top Ten bargains? Top Ten very best wines? Top Ten medal winners? Top Ten sellers?

Your's is an impossible question to answer...the equivalent of asking what were the top ten tomatos grown in 1998 or what were the Top Ten songs?


- Randy Caparoso - 03-20-1999 03:37 PM

A no limits "Top 10" is always an interesting concept, though -- as interesting as reading, for instance, various movie critics' yearly assesments. I always enjoy, for instance, Decanter mag's(not a "Top 10," but the favorites of the likes of Broadbent, Sutcliffe, et al.), even if the results are wildly varying. I'd like to hear yours, Curmudgeon, to get a good idea of what you really like. I put out one in either my column in The Honolulu Advertiser or Hawaii Foodservice News; and it's rare that any of my choices are over $50, since I truly do enjoy drinking good values and fresh, young wines (it's hard for me to relax with great, old stuff).