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- SteveZ - 01-03-1999 07:58 PM

Ok, this is what I did. I stopped goofing around with my aolhell account. Signed off and signed on to my Comcast@home cable modem account. Bookmarked this site and posted the test message. I had to type in the info that time. Now, when I made this new topic, my username and password were set. Could it be possible that I have two different browsers set for aol and comcast, and that is the problem?

I will sign back onto aolhell and see if the username and password work now.

Arrrgh!! [Image: frown.gif]

- SteveZ - 01-03-1999 08:01 PM

This is still from the comcast account. I just went into the pref area, and was surprised to see that the preference was set to "NO" . I changed it to yes, but why did it sign in for me anyway?

Confused Steve

- SteveZ - 01-03-1999 08:28 PM

Ok, now get this!! [Image: frown.gif]

On Comcast account, this all works fine. On the aol account, it does not. Furthermore, I tested the wldg board and lo and behold, when I went on, it announced every cookie being placed on my computer for my approval. So, does that means that I am NOT getting cookies at America On Wine (send Law that bottle of wine) and send me some COOKIES!!! [Image: frown.gif]

- Jackie - 01-03-1999 08:38 PM

Oh dear. First, change your browser cookie from "warn before accepting cookies" to "accept all cookies" -- so you're not bothered to accept manually.

To reset your AOL browser, get into PREFS and resubmit the choice to "save for 1 year". This will overwrite the expired cookie on that browser. Then go to and re-enter the board to update the time of your login. Let me know, if this works.

- SteveZ - 01-03-1999 10:44 PM

<> I did that already. The only reason I had that on, was to see if I was accepting cookies.


Jackie, I see nothing in the PREFS part of aol that says anything about "Save for 1 year".

- Jackie - 01-03-1999 11:34 PM

Look at the top of this page, below the little icon that says "Post Reply". There is a text link to "prefs" (between register and faq). That's the one I mean, not the preference settings for AOL. Let me know.

- SteveZ - 01-04-1999 08:42 AM


I have done that about a dozen times [Image: frown.gif]

- SteveZ - 01-04-1999 08:44 AM