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- Innkeeper - 03-14-2004 08:45 PM

2002 Chateau D’Orschwihr, Gewurztraminer Bollenberg, Alsace ($10 Blue Hill Wine Shop). 14.7% Alcohol; imported by T. Edwards Wines Ltd, NY; and distributed by one of our small locals, Devenish Wines of Ellsworth, ME. It gives a light floral scent on the nose, which transfers to taste on the tongue tip. Gently spicy complexity with low acid and a nice belt of alcohol contribute to a texture that is simply great crossing the palate. The finish lingers. We matched it with grillpanned boneless chicken breasts that had been seasoned with BBQ spice, salt and white pepper, and then napped with our chicken & pork BBQ sauce. It was accompanied with our now familiar asparagus (for her) and limas (for daughter and me). All was simply wonderful. Will pick up more if available, and they have a riesling too.

- Innkeeper - 07-23-2004 07:25 AM

Enjoyed another bottle last night, and finished fleshing out our grilled chicken breast recipe. We took a half cup roasted garlic salsa (medium), juice of two juicy limes, and two heaping teaspoons of Hoisin sauce, mixed them together and whipped it marinade smooth in the blender. Poured it over two halves of chicken breast and marinated it most of the day in the fridge. Grilled it over charcoal with hickory chips, basting with the marinade. Bingo!

The Orschwihr Gewurz married perfectly with it.