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- TheEngineer - 12-23-2004

Anyone here try wines from this maker? Not too expensive (in the $20-30 range) but I am a believer now. The 2001 I tried was very good and I wish I had purchased a few more. 2003's now available.

BTW, I see many long time posters posting their tasting notes. I don't trust my palate but is it normal to post these or is it desireable to post them even if they come off a newbie's undeveloped senses (i.e. will post like this get ignored because there is no tasting notes?).

Nice board you have hear and I've learned quite a bit already this evening that I did not know before.

- hotwine - 12-23-2004

All tasting notes are most welcome. Even when written by a newbie, they can save other board members the disappointment of buying a lousy wine and feeding it to the drain monster. In fact, on the credibility scale, a newbie's notes rank higher than quoted notes from someone hawking the wine.... much higher. So please post away.

- winoweenie - 12-23-2004

Hi TE and a belated welcome to the board. POST AWAY!!! Some of the best descriptors I've ever read were posted by novice wine drinkers. WW

- Thomas - 12-23-2004


Don't be intimidated. Post how the wine seems to you, in your own words.

- dananne - 12-23-2004

Welcome to the board. I'd echo what the others have said and say not to worry about how your notes sound. Heck, one of my TNs gave some subtle amusement to others recently with some rather odd descriptors [img][/img]

It's a friendly board and a place where I've not only felt comfortable, but I've also learned a lot.

- TheEngineer - 12-23-2004

Thanks much..... you guys don't know what you are in for.... I use to work in the automotive industry...just wait until I describe something smelling like a exhaust gas when the gasket seals give and coolant is being introduced to the combustion chamber....

Many thanks again for the warm welcome and the right to fire away!

- Georgie - 12-23-2004

Not to worry, descriptors are words like "yum" or "yuck" and everybody accepts ME!

- Thomas - 12-23-2004


I hope you are aware that Riesling (especially as it ages) often smells like petroleum. The smell reminds me of my youth, when we siphoned gas from autos just to p**s off the owners.

- winoweenie - 12-24-2004

Heck fire Foodster we siphoned gas to use in our car during the early stage of WW2. WW

- Thomas - 12-24-2004


I might have done the same, had I been around during the early stages of WW2 and had we owned a car in Brooklyn.

- wondersofwine - 12-28-2004

I have tried one Wolfer Goldgrube from Daniel Vollenweider thanks to John Trombley who posts on German wines on It was the 2001 Wolfer Goldgrube Spatlese. I was very impressed with it! So precise and harmonious. It just struck me as a very "pure" Mosel wine (and it is from old vine stocks). I would love to purchase some if I could locate it. Congratulations on your discriminating palate!

- TheEngineer - 12-28-2004

Thanks for the kind words.

You are right on when you mention the harmony in the wine. The nose, the texture, the taste, the sugar, the acid,......they all work so well together. I have not tried all of this products but the two that I had plus a bit of a 2001 riesling Kabinett were all wonderful products.

I'll post where I purchased it tonight when I get home. I bought from a winery called lower falls wine company in Newton MA but I think that I also have the importers name on the case.