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- barnesy - 08-21-2001 08:28 PM

Rene Mure NV Cremant D'Alsace $15

Creamy, a bit sweetish (when compared with a brut Champagne). A good, long finish with strong acid. A very nice drink.


- Innkeeper - 08-22-2001 05:27 PM

Good taste buds Barnesy, that is a scrumptious bottle of suds. Seems, though, the price has gone up somewhat. C'est la guerre.

- barnesy - 08-23-2001 07:48 PM

Could have, but then it could be my shop. I am willing to pay them a little more for the super high quality service they give me. Most things I tend to go for the lowest price, but with wine, I go for the best service. They have earned my business and a few bits here and there is worth it.