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- tandkvd - 12-28-2003 09:53 AM

I went to a wine tasting at Total Wine yesterday and they had several Champaigns and sparklers. Included was this Moscato D'asti 2002, for $10.99.

I picked up a bottle because I thought it was something my wife would like. We sipped on this while watching a movie at home last night. We both liked it very much. Which supprised me because I tipicaly don't care much for sweeter wines. It tasted like very ripe pears and a little apple. However it is a heaver wine, a flute and a half filled us up.

My question though is, is this a true sparkling wine? It had a regular cork unlike the ones tipicaly associated wiht sparkling wines. There were very few bubbles that disapeared quickly. But there was a slight fizz on the toung when you hold it in your mouth. That was the only thing my wife didn't like. She likes a lot of bubbles.

- Thomas - 12-28-2003 03:53 PM

The Italians call wines like that, "frizzante," meaning, they have a fizz but neither are produced in the Champagne method nor as "spumante," which means sparkling.

We sell one at my store, and it fits the description you gave of the one you tasted.

- amw5g - 12-28-2003 05:15 PM

The first time I had the Lanata, I found it overly perfumed- so much so that I felt it detracted from the wine. The second time, this past week during the holiday, I had it again and was quite pleased. I don't know if perhaps the food pairing, the company or the fact that I had a head cold impacted the second tasting, but based upon it, I would by this wine again. My family loves moscato d'asti and we have yet to find one over priced or undrinkable.