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- barnesy - 04-18-2001 08:36 PM

I figured this would be the best place to post this, based on variety.

My boss is a member of a california wine club. She got a still wine made from Pinot Meunier. I am guessing its a Red. Has anyone had any experiance with Meunier as a still wine? I am mostly just curious because I haven't heard of this variety used in this manner.


- Bucko - 04-18-2001 08:50 PM

It is not widely available, but it can make a fairly tasty wine. I've had very few, and would not go out of my way to find them personally.


- RAD - 04-29-2001 07:29 AM

I had one a few years back, which while not necessarily very good, was remarkable nevertheless--it looked like a red, but tasted and smelled like champagne (sans bubbles).

I'd pick one up again just for experimenting if I saw it, but like Bucko, wouldn't go out of my way for it.


- barnesy - 04-29-2001 10:23 AM

Well, It looks like bucko tasted a couple from Oregon wineries so I may pick up one sometime when I move to Oregon. Then again, I may just make a winery visit and sip some there along with their other goods.


- winoweenie - 04-30-2001 07:01 AM

Too Smart, Barnsey ole' Bean. I 'haint found none of them manures' yet I'd invest my hard earned in. WW