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- wondersofwine - 06-15-2010 05:17 PM

I'm just back from a four-night stay in NYC. One of my adventures was Sunday brunch/early lunch at Artisanal, 2 Park Avenue (at 32nd Street.) For a wine and cheese lover it was heavenly although deciding what to order was arduous. At first I was attracted to a flight of Italian wines (including Barbera d'Asti and Valpolicella) but in the end the cheeses I like and the idea of sparkling wines with Sunday brunch won out. I had the "Sparkling Beauties"--three sparkling wines paired with three cheeses and followed it up with delicious Gougeres. The wines were a Spanish Cava, a Taittinger "Cuvee Prestige, France, and a Jura Arbois Rose' from France. The cheeses were small servings of Humboldt Fog blue-veined goat cheese, Sonoma, CA, a Manchego from Spain, and a Comte from France. All were delicious. The special fondue that day was 100-cheese fondue!

- hotwine - 06-15-2010 07:31 PM

Yum! I'm drooling..... hate it when I've got to wipe off the keyboard....