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- quijote - 05-10-2003 12:32 AM

Just finished the last drops of this ruby-purple marvel, and I'm jonesing for more. What a gorgeous wine! Juicy plums and a hint of spice on the nose came through on the palate, and a white pepper finish lingered for minutes. This was an incredibly smooth wine--very approachable and delicious! 13% Alc. $22.

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- Innkeeper - 05-10-2003 06:19 AM

Price? Always include the price or at least a good guess, please!

- Thomas - 05-10-2003 06:51 AM

quijote, did you know that the term "jones" to describe a deep desire or need came from Great Jones Street in Manhattan, where heroin junkies used to hang out?

Fabulous language, English!

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- dananne - 05-10-2003 09:17 AM

quijote: Have you had any of the Ygay Gran Reservas from Murrieta? I posted on the 1994 recently. Have not had the Pratum yet, but will definitely look for it!

Also, Murrieta makes a very approachable, new international style wine now for about $10 called Neonato. If you see it, pick up a bottle and let me know how you think it is. I believe I prefer their old style Riojas, but I liked it very much also.

- quijote - 05-10-2003 10:54 PM

>>IK, thanks for the coaching--I've added price info to the post.

>>Foodie, I didn't know that at all. I first heard the term from a graduate student years ago, and thought it had something to do with Quincy Jones! In any case, the word really fits my take on the wine; after drinking the last drops I started plotting how I might score some more so late at night!

>>Dananne, I haven't tried the Gran Reservas, but I'm now definitely planning to do so. I hope I can find them around here! I've seen the Neonato in several wine shops around here; M. de M. seems to be marketing it as sort of a "new wave" wine. I almost bought one a couple of weeks ago, but I'll go ahead and buy one this week.

- wondersofwine - 05-12-2003 01:15 PM

What are the grapes is the wine? Are they part of the name on the bottle?

- Innkeeper - 05-12-2003 03:14 PM

From the discussion is sounds like a Rioja. Therefore the primary grape would be tempranillo.

- Thomas - 05-12-2003 04:20 PM

quijote, Bill Safire talked about 'jones' in his language column this past Sunday. He says it had to do with heroin cravings but he did not mention Great Jones Street.

I believe the term comes fom jail--he didn't say that either.

- quijote - 05-13-2003 10:59 PM

IK has it--according to the bottle's back label, this wine is 80% tempranillo and 20% mazuelo. Isn't mazuelo the same as carignan?

- quijote - 05-13-2003 11:01 PM

Foodie, I'll take a look for that Safire column. And exactly where is Great Jones Street, anyway? Is it called something else now?

- Thomas - 05-14-2003 05:58 AM

Great Jones is a two-block street, between Bowery and Broadway, East Village--it's actually 3rd Street interrupted.

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