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- n144mann - 06-09-1999 03:16 PM

Are any of you familiar with spanish sparklers?? My retailer gave me his distributor's book to look through while they try and hunt down some others I have asked for, and it has a few Spanish sparklers in it. They are produced by Juve Y Camps, the name is Reserva de la Familia from the Cava region. Others by the same producer are Reserve Vintage Brut and Gran Juve (a grand reserva cava. All are a mix of the Macabeo, Parellada and Xarello varietals. Have any of you tried one of these??

All ideas appreciated.

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- Kcwhippet - 06-10-1999 06:03 AM


Haven't tried the Juve Y Camps. The only Spanish sparklers (they call them Cava) I've had are from Segura Viudas. For their price, they're an adequate quaff. The one we enjoy the most is the Riserva Heridad. It comes in a very low shouldered bottle with a pseudo-pewter base. It looks as if the bottle is sitting in a coaster; very cute. All in all, we like it - and it's in the $10 -$12 range.

BTW, no saffron yet - still waiting.


- n144mann - 06-10-1999 07:50 AM

Thanks Bob, thanks for the info. That is about what I thought. I will probably give them a shot and see if I like them. This distributor does not have any cava from Heredad, but does carry their Ugarte Rioja, tempranillo 80%,Garnacha 15% and 5%other. Also has the Heredad Ugarte Crianza. Try any of these??

I am still using the saffron I bought a while back. It is adequate quality, but nothing to write home about. Thanks for keeping me informed. Nice to see you again!


ps- ever try either the saffron or lavendar ice creams??

- Jerry D Mead - 06-11-1999 02:30 AM the term "cava," it's the Spanish equivalent of "methode champenoise" or "fermented in THIS bottle." So if you encounter a Spanish sparkler without the term "cava," then you probably have a Charmat...or tank fermented producted...which should be very inexpensive.


- Kcwhippet - 06-11-1999 05:54 AM


Coincidentally, we are going to try the saffron ice cream tonight. I'll let you know how it works out (or doesn't).


- n144mann - 06-11-1999 07:20 AM

thanks for the response guys, and yes it did say 'cava' curmy. They are moderately priced from 15 to in the $20's for the Gran Reserva Cava. I think I will give 'em a try for something fun and different.

Thanks Bob, I will be interested in hearing what you think of it. I have not gotten around to trying it yet.